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I offer three distinct font styles for you to choose from—each with a distinct personality.

Explore the world's of Lea, Lillian and Lux to find the woman most suited for your stylistic needs.


A woman of the world, Lea savors all of life’s moments. The natural artist, you’ll find her hair always mess and her coffee cup half full. Bright, bold and uncompromising in her belief that windows work best when rolled down, Lea has the beauty of a wildflower and the heart of a wanderer.

Favorite Place To Shine: Save The Date, Bridal Shower Invite, etc...


The natural supporter, Lillian was born to bring warm, positive energy to everyone she encounters. A crafting queen, she never fails to give the gifts that mean the most. Always laughing, Lillian's inviting spirit captivates the imagination of all who are lucky enough to encounter her.

Favorite Place to Shine: Baby Announcement, Cheeky Signage, etc


A perfect blend of grace and formality, Lux evokes the hushed, understated elegance of eras gone by. Charming and direct, her poise is unparalleled. A classic beauty, Lux blends traditional style with a certain undefinable quality that makes her irresistible.

Favorite Place to Shine: Wedding Invitations, Kitchen Signs, etc.

Interested in creating a custom font or matching a specific font?
I can work with you to create the perfect look for your project for an additional fee.

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