Le Petit Prints Guidelines

Turnaround Time


Once a project is commissioned I will work to provide you with a realistic time-frame as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that this depends on the number of projects that are scheduled at the time, along with the size of your project.
Important Note: Please keep in mind that calligraphers generally book their calendars weeks (or even months!) in advance. The sooner you can let me know, the better we can work together to hit your deadline.

Delivery of materials and lists


All pricing is for lettering only. The client is responsible for providing all materials except the pen and ink. Per industry standards, please make sure to order a minimum of 20% extra materials to cover the occasional ink splatter, misspelling or last minute address change. Ashley Murphy reserves the right to charge an additional fee if 20% overage is not included. This does not apply to signage.


Please provide the envelopes just as they arrive. Do not pre-stuff, stamp or seal them prior to addressing. Envelopes with liners are
perfectly acceptable and there is no need to remove the liner or wait until the addressing is done to insert them.


Ashley Murphy will keep any extra envelopes in case of late additions or errors.

List Requirements


First and foremost the invitation list must be typed and sent via email in Excel. I do not accept PDF files or handwritten lists. Please put your full name in the filename to avoid any confusion. EX: AshleyMurphy_InvitationList.xlsx

Excel Note: As long as designated columns for Name, Address, Second Line Address, City, State, Zip, Country (if other than the US), and another column for inner envelope names have been included, it will be perfect!

Don’t forget to spell out ALL abbreviations as they should be written (i.e., Ave. or Avenue, NY or New York, etc.). If they are not spelled out on the list, they will not be spelled out on the envelopes.
If the Client includes an Excel sheet with foreign addresses, they are asked to please send a separate list in MS Word with the exact format those addresses should be written in. Many countries have different postal etiquette requirements and to ensure proper delivery, they need to be followed precisely.

Please send all lists via email to lepetitprintsshop@gmail.com



Client is responsible for all shipping costs. Your envelopes/signage with be sent by either UPSP Priority Mail or UPS Ground. If the Client prefers another shipping method, please specify. The package tracking information will be emailed to you after if ships.


If work is lost or damaged in the mail, a refund or re-do of the item will be offered if the item is insured. Unless otherwise specified, insurance will NOT be purchased along with the shipping. All items are packaged extremely carefully, but even so there is the chance of damage or misplacement on the mail carrier’s part.

If the Client declines to purchase insurance and the package arrives damaged, Ashley Murphy is not liable and will not issue a refund in any amount. If insurance has been purchased, it is the client’s responsibility upon receipt of damaged goods to:

• Provide photos of the damaged product to Ashley Murphy so the damage can be confirmed and work on replacement can begin promptly.
• File an insurance claim with shipping provider, if applicable [damaged product photos may also need to be submitted in this instance].
• Insurance payments will be made to Ashley Murphy if the Client desires a replacement product. If the Client does not want areplacement product, the Client will be the recipient of the insurance payment.

Corrections and Additions


Once the Client's list has been received, additions, removals or minor corrections can be made if they arise. Please just email these edits as quickly as possible and the original list provided will be updated. Please note that if an address has already been completed that later needs a revision prompted by a Client’s oversight, the Client will be charged twice for that address.

Once the Client receives the addressed envelopes, please review ASAP and if necessary, send a complete list of all additions and corrections. (Please note any errors on Ashley Murphy's part will, of course, be done at no cost) Any additions/corrections received after this time will incur a $25.00 set-up fee in addition to the price of addressing.

Important Notice: The Client cannot make revisions to the final product. If the Client requires the work to be re-done, the Client will pay the full amount for the first completed work, and the full amount for the second completed work.




Payment can be accepted through Etsy, PayPal, personal check or cash for all products and custom work. Should the Client choose to send a check, please understand that the check will need to clear before custom work can begin or a product can be sent.
Important Note: Client will incur a 3% fee if paying through Etsy or PayPal.

Smaller Projects ($249 and lower): Full payment will be required up-front.
Medium to Large Custom Projects ($250+): Either a deposit payment (50%) or a full payment up-front will be required for work to begin.



When Ashley Murphy receives your transmission of personal information, the information is treated as strictly confidential. Ashley
Murphy will never willfully disclose the Client's personal information to any third party without written consent or authorization, except as required by any applicable federal, state or local law or regulation. Ashley Murphy can only deal directly with the party placing the order, and is unable to deal with any intermediaries / third parties.

Ashley Murphy is happy to sign non-disclosure agreements, and takes them very seriously.

Ashley Murphy reserves the right to display design work in the Le Petit Prints portfolio/Social Media pages. If the project is a gift, please specify when it is appropriate to post on Social Media so that no surprises are spoiled.

Scrapped designs are the property of Ashley Murphy. If you do not approve an illustration or logo design concept, it may be used for
another project.

Cancellations and Refunds


If an order is canceled before work has begun, a refund will be issued in full. However, the cancellation request will not be entertained if the order has been communicated to Ashley Murphy, and the process of working on these orders has been initiated. If work has begun on the order, please understand that Ashley Murphy will need to be compensated for that time. The remaining refund balance will be issued.


If Ashley Murphy is unable to complete the design {due to an emergency situation} the Client's payment will be refunded in full.

For custom work, the Client is asked to be involved in each step of the design. Samples of work will also be sent as the project moves along to ensure that the style is the best fit for the needs of the Client. Any comments will lead to an appropriate modification to the design.

Due to the handwritten nature of our work, refunds are not offered after project has been completed.

Abandoned Status


If the Client should abandon a project or contract after work has commenced (no contact within 21 days), the deposit will be lost.
Please understand that once a project has started, it is important to be communicative and see it through until its completion. Large gaps in communication is difficult for both the Client and the Designer.

If a Client should abandon a project or contract after work has commenced {no contact within 21 days}, an invoice shall be issued for the full quoted amount, regardless of project status on abandonment. Abandoned contracts in cases where the Client is non-responsive are also subject to an accelerated collections policy, and will be submitted to a third-party collections agency if not paid or addressed within 30 days.

Additional Services


As you may have seen from the pictures on the Le Petit Prints social media pages, lettering envelopes and invitations is only the beginning. To get a price quote for a special event or project, please send an email with as many details as possible to lepetitprintsshop@gmail.com and we’ll be glad to respond. Menus, programs, signs, chalkboards, mirrors, certificates, cards–the only limit is your imagination!